Create Surveys with Nebu


Data collection and panel management software package


Start your CATI/CAPI/CAWI studies with a flexible and robust multi-mode data collection software, which makes international and multilingual studies easy for all survey methods – this is maximum efficiency on the proven software platform from Nebu.


NEBU – Data Collection Software CATI/CAPI/CAWI

Performance and flexibility on the Nebu platform – online and offline

The Nebu software used and distributed by us, is one of the leading product in the industry, and is utilized by numerous market research institutes and other companies for the creation and survey of market-, customer-, consumer-, product- and survey data; it is seen as the leading data survey management and panel management software package. Administration and data management for all survey methodologies happen on central servers and in a central database. Through simplified working processes data collection and management can be done with Nebu, regardless of the various survey methodologies, with the highest efficiency.

Especially for online survey and online questionnaires the trend is moving further towards usage of panels. Nebu has identified this trend at an early stage and offers a professional panel management tool. The Nebu interview software is closely connected with the panel database. All panellist data can be utilized for sample management, quotation and interview controlling, and can be updated directly through interviews.

Despite the multi-mode-architecture Nebu meets the highest professional performance standards also in single mode. Nebu is also the right choice for CATI software or client specific online questionnaires. All system components are web-/internet based. This results in minimum system requirements of workstations. PCs with internet connection and standard browsers are sufficient. All process participants (project management, questionnaire development, data management, CATI interviewer and supervisor) have access to all functional components at any time and at every workplace (in the office, on the go or at home). Also establishing a virtual call centre across various locations does not pose a problem.

The Nebu system is optimally aligned for international studies. Once a questionnaire has been created, it can be localised quickly and efficiently for all languages and with international character sets. Translation templates are created with a few clicks within Excel and easily reimported after translation has been completed. This allows, in connection with the web architecture, a central controlling of CATI or online survey across several locations and countries up to a global virtual CATI call centre.


Dub Interviewer – Data Collection Software


Nebu Dub Interviewer is a robust and flexible data collection software tool, containing offline or online survey templates for conducting interviews. The CATI/CAPI/CAWI software allows you to create questionnaires and to launch internet- or telephone-supported field studies, for carrying on valuable market research, thus gaining extensive insights into your market and industry segments. The Multi-Mode option allows you to change the survey methodology at any time. It allows you to split a questionnaire into a telephone and online survey, as well as to completely switch to a different methodology during the field phase.


The software’s distinguishing features are the high level of compatibility with other products of the industry, such as the Predictive Dialler from Sytel. We have been using Nebu for many year and we will be more than happy to consult you to realize the optimal solution for your requirements.


Advantages of Nebus Data Collection Software


Use Nebus Dub Interviewer to:


  • Easily create online survey within minutes
  • Use various, pre-fabricated, survey templates
  • Include multilingual data collection solutions and diverse character sets
  • Collect data from clients and employees within a community portal, designed by your needs
  • Create online surveys, respondents and discussion participants can answer anytime, anywhere. When the survey starts or ends, is up to you (you can also switch from one mode to another during the survey)
  • Use our scalable and reliable environment, in order to collect, process, and evaluate valuable data


Dub Knowledge: Panel Management Software


Dub Knowledge is an advanced sampling-, email management-, reporting-, and panel management-system. The web-based platform is compatible with any panel, regardless of size and complexity. It offers an easy-to-use tool for creating and administrating multiple target group panels. The robust technical solution is seen among experts as “the best panel management system” worldwide and is e.g. also used by the company SSI (Survey Sampling International). The system is fully compatible with our Nebu survey data collection system, Dub Interviewer, as well as with various other software products.


The sophisticated system fulfils the highest requirement levels regarding database size and complexity. Dub Knowledge supports e.g. also hierarchic panel structures. Samples of any size can be easily and quickly created. The system’s limit is far beyond size ranges that are relevant for panels and samples.


Dub Knowledge allows you the management of several panels, either parallel or in form of subpanels. This means a higher flexibility and additional possibilities for your service offer. The subpanels can have their own style, own standard language, and individually assigned contact data. This allows the creation of an optimal, personal, and professional panel environment for each subgroup. There are no limits regarding size, complexity, or number of subpanels that you can manage with Dub Knowledge.


Dub InterViewer is also used to create the recruitment-, and panel administration scripts for DubKnowledge, the high-end panel management system from Nebu. Questions where the answers are already available in the panel database can be automatically skipped or can be presented to the respondents in a pre-filled form. All panel data can be directly used to control a survey. Newly collected data can be directly inserted from the survey into DubKnowledge, allowing a continuous updating and extension of the panel data.



Advantage of Dub Knowledge


  • Web-based panel management systems
  • Based on robust and scalable industry technologies
  • No limits regarding size, complexity, or panel numbers
  • Scalable panels tested by up to 25 million respondents
  • Extensive APIs for connecting with your office and CRM systems
  • Compatible with Nebu’s survey software (Dub InterViewer) or other web-based survey systems
  • Reporting module for simple creation of tailored reports for various users and discussion participants




Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) refers to the support of telephone interviews with the help of computers. CATI interviewers can work from any place, the only thing they need is a browser. Expanding your telephone workplaces is easily possible. You maintain full control over the externally connected interviewers and the collected data, no matter where your interviewers are located. The collaboration with external fieldwork companies does no longer require additional efforts. Coding of data or double coding and the end of the fieldwork are superfluous, since all participants work directly on your Dub InterViewer account and the data comes up in real time in the very format you require. Even in shared projects you have anytime the full overview of your actual project status.


If you want to use Nebu in combination with our Sytel Dialler, you will require a Java-Applet. An interesting characteristic is the switch to web option, which allows you to interrupt an already started telephone interview, and have it finalized online at a later time. This comes in handy, if e.g. the respondent has no longer time during the telephone interview.




Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing


Nebu offers with its CAPI solutions a complete management system that allows the administration of Windows tablets or notebooks from a central server. New or updated questionnaires, sample data, as well as multi-media data can be transferred on selected or all devices. For the use with Android or IOS tablets, an app can be downloaded from iTunes or Play Store. The CAPI devices work completely offline and allow the interviewing also in locations without and internet connection. As soon as the device is online, the collected data is uploaded on the DubRemote Server and the project progress statistic on the server is updated.




Nowadays online surveys are almost exclusively realised with the help of survey servers, the so-called CAWI systems (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing). Dub InterViewer offers you an extensive selection of various types of questions, which you can use as the basis for your questionnaires:


  • Single and multiple answers
  • Matrix questions for statement batteries
  • Sliders
  • Scale of values
  • Numerical question
  • Database lookups
  • Automatic email dispatch


All templates were designed in order for the user to be quickly and efficiently selected and configured. The options corresponding to the type of question are dynamically and automatically made available. If e.g. you choose a numeric type of question, the user interface will offer you the relevant options: the minimum and maximum values, optional display of total sum of all numerical entries, and a verification whether the sum of all answers equals a given value, e.g. 100%. For rankings one mouse click is sufficient to ensure each rank is only once assigned. This prevents needless incorrect entries and increases the quality of the collected data. An HTML template is always used for online surveys. If a responsive design is registered, the questionnaire adapts to the screen. Nebu contains a variety of predefined templates. We are also happy to proved you and individual template, fitting to your corporate identity.


Project Management


Follow and control your projects from anywhere with the ManageFrames from Nebu. ManageFrames is a browsed-based project management system that allows you to:


  • Follow the progress of your project and to change the quota
  • Retrieve top-line statistics and preliminary results of all questions
  • Verify the number of sent emails, as well as to send further invitations
  • Control the calling functions of a CATI project, including changing the number of redialling attempts, the follow-up time, and the waiting time between call attempts
  • View in real-time numerous statistics about calling results
  • To code open-end questions during a continuing project
  • To check on CATI interviewers with the option of sending personal messages
  • Create statistics regarding the productivity by project and interviewers, including cross-references with other interviewers