Predictive Dialler – IVR – IP/TDM


Since 2002 Sytel has been offering IT solutions for contact centres, and is today market leader in the area of predictive dialling, which is a fundamental cost controlling application for contact centres worldwide. The high performance dialler is in line with the stringent regulations for harassing calls. In addition, Sytel offers an extensive range of inbound and outbound softdial applications and complete solutions.


Sytel Ltd.


The specialist for call centre solutions


Sytel has been offering IT solutions for call centres since 2002, and is today market leader in the area of predictive dialling, which is one of the basic applications for cost control for cost centres worldwide. Sytel has extensive experience working with companies requiring a state-of-the-art contact centre for their daily work. Thus the Sytel solutions are not only interesting for market researchers, but also demanded in the fields such as receivables management, fundraising, telemarketing or customer service.


Outbound dialling, inbound call management, call recording and screen recording, IVR and reporting are integrated in one single product. No additional programming required to integrate the dialler. With Sytel you will get a faster start, less risk and lower one-time as well lower running technical costs.


The Softdial Contact Center TM (SCC) offers predictive dialling with unparalleled performance – it provides calls agents maximum talk time and minimizes at the same time harassing calls and abandoned calls.  The dialler component within SCC, Softdial Plugin ®, offers preview, progressive and predictive dialling. Depending on the requirements you can switch between each mode without problems.


Some Sytel Features at a glance:


  • Preview, progressive and predictive dialling for outbound
  • Inbound/outbound call-management
  • Audio- and screen recording
  • Dynamic call routing
  • Detailed call monitoring
  • Management reporting
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Media blending


Complete integration with:


  • IBM SPSS Data Collection 6
  • Quancept
  • Confirmit
  • Nebu
  • Nipo
  • CfMC
  • Askia


It offers the combination of Sytel together with the powerful data collection software Nebu, as stand-alone or hosted solution for your market research work. You are able to build up a complete virtual call centre with Nebu / Sytel and our partner blueSIP, i.e. the interviewers download a softphone and work from at home or in several decentralized CATI studios. External interviewers can connect with the dialler via blueSIP insted of VPN.


The combination with the high-end auto-dialler from Sytel allows a complete call monitoring and call recording of decentralized working interviewers. Nebu projects can be flexibly outsourced. The dialler can be configured in a manner so that the respondents will be shown the phone number of the conducting institute.


Predictive Dialler


The predictive dialling engine has a design which is not based on traditional mathematical modelling, and is thus superior to standard diallers. Sytel will establish more contacts with less abandoned calls than any other dialler in the industry.


The Sytel Dialler offer superior inbound and blended functions. Real call blending routes incoming calls to an agent while waiting for predictive outbound calls. Whether an account is on your outbound calling list or not, an incoming call can quickly be assigned to an existing account. This is possible due to the close integration with the collection system and the data stored there.


Sytel has invested many man years of development in their dialling engine, which is today known as Virtual Event Machine (VEM) ®. The simulator engine which was specifically designed for the outbound market continuously monitors all events that are part of the dialling process. The dialling rate is continuously updated with simulations of up to 40 million calls per seconds.


IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


More than just a simple recognise-capture-route application. Based on the versatile Softdial Contact Center TM architecture Softdial IVR TM utilizes the powerful functions from CallGem ®, Softdial Scripter TM, Softdial Campaign Manager TM, and Softdial Telephony and Media Services to provide incoming and outgoing IVR solutions.


Debt Collection


An exceptionally high increase of receivable defaults and the unavoidable increase consumer indebtedness worldwide, pose a great challenge for the debt collection industry. An efficient use of technology within the receivables management is vital, in order to allow a fast tracking and administration of debts. Sytel involves a substantiated understanding of the market and the industry for the development of multifunctional contact centre solutions, which are used by debt collecting companies worldwide.


Software features for receivables management:


  • The integration of inbound and outbound calling functions, to maximize the agent’s efficiency (call blending)
  • Incoming calls are routed through skill-based wait loops (hunt groups), with agent specific routing for dedicated customer processing
  • Flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and text-to-speech functions to utilize virtual agents in order to save personnel cost
  • Detailed calling progress analysis for identifying non-live-calls and all CPE devices including answering machines
  • Extensive API allows a simple integration of debt collecting applications
  • Excellent performance in outbound dialling, while complying with all regulations and directives regarding harassing calls